Automatic Knowledge Base Construction (AKBC)

Table of Contents


  • KB acronym for knowledge base (which is a graph)
  • $r$ represents a relation
  • $e$ represents an entity
  • $(e_s, r, e_o)$ represents a subject-relation-object triplet
  • $\mathcal{E}$ denotes set of possible entities
  • $\mathcal{R}$ denotes set of possible relations
  • textual relations refers to instances such as

\text{SUBJECT } \overset{\text{nsubj}}{\leftarrow} \text{ president } \overset{\text{prep}}{\rightarrow} \text{ of } \overset{\text{obj}}{\rightarrow} \text{ OBJECT}

Link-prediction / Knowledge-base Completion


  • Given a KB, predict new relations in KB

Vector representations

With textual data