Tor's Wiki

BEWARE! You're now entering a mess of information; some useful, some not so useful, and some just straight up confusing. This is me trying to make sense of the world, and keeping the sense I found for future use and reference. With that being said, I hope you find something of interest!

This started out with the realization that although pen and paper is lovely, it's usefulness for storing information is highly dependent on me being able actually locate the specific part I'm interested in at some later point in time (given I can even locate the notes themselves). With this setup, I can simply run grep -r --include=*.org -e "whatever" ./ to find what I'm looking for. It has also significantly lowered the bar for me to go back to my older notes and make alterations, which is definitively harder with pen and paper.

A lot of the content is just straight up definitions and theorems. I have written them down so that I can later locate them easily, and / or make alterations / add further notes and explanations.

And if you find resources that are without credit provided where credit is due; tell me! These notes have evolved over time, thus there are discrepancies between the different pages.